Live2D & Animation Commission

Status: Next availability estimate Feb-Apr.

Thank you for visiting this site!Please read the information on this site before applying for a Live2D or animation commission.

Terms & Conditions

  • I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission if I am uncomfortable with working on it or due to personal circumstances.

  • Services are offered from Indonesia/Japan, and therefore client must agree to follow under Japanese and or Indonesian digital goods and copyright laws.

  • Estimated delivery of 2-4 months.

  • Can deliver in about 1 month if in a rush, but may cost a fee and affect quality of end result. Please inform of your estimated due-date.

  • I will start working after receiving at least 50% of the payment.

  • Once I have started working on the commission, it is non refundable.

  • I may charge extra for clients who ask for multiple edits and changes.

  • For design commissions, please finalize the design with me before proceeding with the production with a clear vision of what you are looking for.

  • Client will receive the work only after the commission has been paid in full.

  • Payment are done through PayPal, or local bank transfers. (Indonesian or Japanese bank transfer.)

  • In IDR, my rates are 1usd = Rp.12k

  • in yen its 1usd = 130円

  • I reserve the right to post the artwork on my social media or portfolios.

  • Client cannot use the art commercially unless such agreement has been made prior. Contact for more discussion.

  • (adding on the point above, generally streaming is allowed, but do not sell art as merch and such without prior discussion)

  • Companies who wish to have commercial rights and copyright to the piece will be charged 200% the original price.

  • Please do not claim the art as yours and credit me somewhere in your post or profile.

  • The password is 'Orange Heart'


**Email: **
[email protected]
DMs are always open.
These are my two main contacts.
After short discussion by email or twitter DM,
I may ask to communicate through discord.

Animation Commission menu.

2D Animation

Cell shade animation.

Simple Animation
Simple movement animation with minimal inbetweens.
Good for short gifs!
4-8 frames.

Amount of CharactersStarting Price
1 Character150 USD~
2 Characters250 USD~
+ 1 Character after 2nd+ 120 USD~

*After discussion, the total price will be determined from the complexity of the order. (Based on motion / design / etc.)

Complex Animation
More complex movements.
More inbetweens.
Can change around camerawork and framing.
Can include background.
Starting price written below, but subject to extra charges depending on the subject.

Amount of CharactersStarting Price
1 Character300 USD~
2 Characters500 USD~
+ 1 Character after 2nd+ 250 USD~

*After discussion, the total price will be determined from the complexity of the order. (Based on motion / design / etc.)

Storyboard Videos

Prices are subjective to:
- Commercial or personal use.
- Whether the client is a company, and the scale of the project.
- Duration
- Amount of drawings / scenes needed
- Style of drawing.
- Amount of video editing necessary.
You consult to me with a budget, and I can give you an estimate of how I can make the video according to said budget along with an initial storyboard.Price starts from 500 USD for the lowest option.
Corporate companies will be subject to 200% price increase.
I can make a storyboard in English, Indonesian or Japanese.
Please specify your preferred language.
If storyboard is based on a provided script, please provide it in one of these languages.

Full Animated Video

Full animations for whole videos and MVs are also possible.Please contact further for discussion of budget and for my availability.Process will be a mix of both of the previous options.Services I can offer:
- Storyboard making
- Animating
- Video editing
Please contact me with your budget and details of your project.

Previous Animation Works

I'm by no means an expert, and am still new to Live2D and animation. But I'm excited to learn more complex works in the future!Here are some works I've done in the past.

2D Animation

Personal works

Client Commission

Lore Video - Kaela Kovalskia

for Kaela Kovalskia from hololive-IDYouTube: Kaela Kovalskia Ch. hololive-ID
Twitter: @kaelakovalskia
in charge of:StoryboardIllustrationVideo Editing


Personal works

Azu / Azurusas

Rigging job for Azu!Twitter: @Azurusas
Kofi: azurusas
Vyello Channel: @VyelloCh
Art by Azu
Rig by Lia
Live2D showcase: Link

Kevin / Silver Wolfington

Rigging job for Kevin.Twitter: @SilverBorko
YouTube: Borkington Official
Vyello Channel: @VyelloCh
Art by Azu
Rig by Lia
Live2D showcase: Link

Lia / stardust☆omelette

Current 2.0 model for myself!Art, Design + Rig by Lia.Live2D showcase: LinkVyello Channel: @VyelloCh

Dita / cynosurecoffee

Rigging job for Dita.Twitter: @cynosurecoffee
Kofi: ditaaura
YouTube: Dita【cynosurecoffee】
Vyello Channel: @VyelloCh
Art by Dita
Rig by Lia
Live2D showcase: Link

Avatar - Lia/stardust☆omelette
Version 1.
This was my 1st model and introduction to Live2D.
Stream sample: click here

Fanart - Izumida Azami BD 2021Sequence animated with Live2D!Twitter link: click here
Youtube link: click here

Fanart - Tsukioka TsumugiTwitter link: click here
Youtube link: click here

Fanart - Sakisaka Muku BD 2021Sequence animated with Live2D!Twitter link: click here
Youtube link: click here

Fanart - Eito (Itaru) + Ritsu (Citron) from A3! SSR FamilyArt + rig and animation with Live2D compatible with facial trackingTwitter link: click here
Patreon access link: click here

Client Commission

My children and commission work and so on!


Gen 1 of Infinite Live.model art only.2nd model I’ve drawn ever!
Full body commission.
Twitter: @Loppyon
Twitch: loppyon
Youtube: Loppy Ch. Infinite Live
Infinite Live: @InfiniLive

Erin / iKeychain

Chibi model commission for Erin!
Live2D Chibi Avatar for VTubing.
Art + Rig by Lia.
Design by Erin
Twitter: @iKeychain
Twitch: Keychain

Animation Commission Queue / Waitlist

This queue is only for animated related works.
Names are redacted for privacy.

NameTypeEstimated dateStatus
@bun*******2D Animation (Simple)May 2023Delivered 1/2
@Nep**********2D Animation (Complex)May 2023Linework
@mit*******2D Animation (Simple)May 2023Linework
@Yui******2D Animation (Simple)May 2023Base Sketch
@Moo********2D Animation (Simple)May 2023Linework

12日9月2022年 important note:
Please read for context:
5月2023年 UPDATE:
I've been doing commissions by queue, more slots for animation will only be open after I settle back in Indonesia.